On the journey that we call life, friends come and go.  Some may never leave our side, but many do. 

Our paths take us to different places and often we grow apart. I realized recently how many people I've lost touch with over the years.  In some cases they were simply acquaintances, and we didn't have much in common.  But a few were close friends at one time or another, and they seem to have disappeared completely. That's surprising nowadays, with all of the social media out there.  It's pretty easy to find people, even those you may not care to find.  LOL

Last week an old friend tracked me down and left me a note at work. When I read the note, it was like seeing a ghost from the past.  It was a little eery but familiar at the same time.  I decided to meet up with him and see how much we had both changed after 30+ years.

The truth is...we had both taken much different paths that we had expected.  And while we were very different people than we were all those years ago, some things never change.  It's amazing how you can pick up and start a conversation after all that time.  I guess that's what friends do. You laugh at the silly memories and remember the good times.  Funny how the bad times don't seem so bad anymore.  Maybe time does heal...

But catching up with an old friend is bittersweet.  You realize you have both experienced loss and pain in your lives.  Everyone does.  It's a common bond we all share and a part of life.  It's also bittersweet to realize that you can't hold onto the past.  But you can cherish the memories. And sharing them with an old friend is really special.  If you are lucky enough to get that opportunity, don't miss out on the chance to reconnect with someone.  You may find yourself smiling to yourself.  It's amazing how things that didn't seem special at the time, end up being the most special times of all.    :)