I've been wanting to see Bruce on Broadway since the show debuted in October of 2017. I've been torn about not being able to go because of the price of tickets, which can range anywhere from $800 to $1,000 or more for just a single ticket.

Here's some awesome news if you're also a big fan of the the Boss but, just couldn't pull the trigger on spending that much money on one ticket.

The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that Bruce Springsteen's final Broadway show on December 15th at the Walter Kerr Theater will also air on Netflix.

I've heard so many good things about Bruce's one man show from, it's so worth the money to Bruce's performance will drive you to tears. I still couldn't get past spending that much money on two tickets, especially when I started to think of all the bills that would have to get payed first.

Now, I'll be able to watch The Boss live on Broadway for the final time on Netflix on December 15th!

Source: pressofatlanticcity.com

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