The search for the perfect burger in South Jersey can be never ending at times. I just love the aroma of a juicy and delicious burger cooking on a grill. just put out a list of where you can devour some of the best and cheapest burgers in the Garden State.

Here's where you enjoy burgers on the cheap in South Jersey according to the list.

Jim's Lunch-Millville: You can order a delicious, tasty and juicy burger in Mike Trout's hometown for just  for just $3.10, add another burger to make it double for just a buck more. You will have to wait since Jim's is closed from Memorial Day through October.

Ducktown Tavern-Atlantic City: You can always get a tasty burger at the Ducktown Tavern whenever you get the craving for one since it never closes. So many choices to choose from including the Duck Buster, The Jitney Burger, The Ruben Burger, The Chilli Burger and the ACFD burger which features grilled mushrooms, onions and BBQ sauce for just a buck!



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