We recently asked you where to get the best slice of pizza in South Jersey. Thanks to your votes, Carluccio's in Northfield  was your favorite spot. Now, we're asking you the best place to get another food that's near and dear to my heart, meatballs!

I can still remember my mom breaking out her secret recipe to make meatballs for our traditional Sunday pasta dinner, which of course was my favorite meal of the week!

The smell of the gravy and meatballs simmering would fill the whole house. She would always put a few on the side for me after just frying them, before they even made it into the pot of gravy. I miss those days and I'm getting an intense craving for meatballs as I write this. I may have to head over to Capriccio's or Angelo's for a nice lunch of spaghetti and meatballs.

Take our meatball poll and let us know what’s your favorite place to get a meatball that will make your mouth water!