Halloween is just around the corner and soon there will be candy everywhere. Now is the time I usually indulge a little too much on chocolates. Here are some tips on what candies to stay away from as we get closer to the 31st.
Chocolate in moderation of course is probably a good choice because chocolate won't stick to the enamel of your teeth and dark chocolate may actually be good for your heart and could reduce blood pressure, according to some experts.

OK, here's the stuff to stay away from... Lollipops are a no-no because the candy sticks to your teeth and becomes acidic which is bad for enamel. Any sour candy will also break down your tooth enamel..

Try to avoid nuts and caramel... The caramel and nuts combo can cause cavities.. Not sure I can give up my two favorites Snickers and Milky Way...


Hope to see you at our annual Safe Trick Or Treat this Sunday from 11-1 at Birch Grove Park in Northfield!  Here's to a Happy and Safe Halloween!