Weird N.J. Magazine is...well, weird. They pride themselves on being your travel guide to
New Jersey's local legends... and best kept secrets.

An off-shoot of Weird U.S., it's your spot for the strange, the paranormal and the just-not-normal.

Even if I don't always believe what they're flying up the weirdness flag pole, it's always well done and interesting.

That's the case with the story of the one-time Winslow, Atlantic County swimming hole, known as the "Blue Hole".  The Blue Hole is said to be a dangerous place to swim because of unexplained whirl-pooling, a quicksand-like bottom, and being a favorite haunt of the Jersey Devil.

Tucked out in the Pine Barrens, the Blue Hole has been the focus of rumor and superstition for years, and that makes it an ideal spot for the folks from Weird N.J. Will it really swallow you up if you try to take a dip? We shall see.

May I first suggest you try swimming in a regular pool or, that even bigger body of water close by, the ocean!

Here is a video of Weird N.J. trying to crack the mystery of Winslow's Blue Hole...