Day in and day out, I drive to work on the Black Horse Pike. As I go through Mays Landing, I pass Walmart, then Acme, then the mall. Next, I cross over Wrangleboro Road, and then at the next light, there's that big, empty lot.

You know the one I mean -- right across from Chuck E. Cheese, next to Starbucks, that empty lot will one day be (could be/might be/is supposed to be) the Gravelly Run Square shopping center.

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But what's planned for there? Not many people seem to know. Heck, we were taking guesses back in 2017 about what might be built on that lot.

So, every day I drive past that lot and I think about what could go there.

Proposed Gravelly Run Square shopping center on the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

I think many of us would agree that 'just another strip mall' won't necessarily be anything worth writing home about. But what if something was built there that was a destination. Something unique. Something that draws people in from all around the area. Something really out-of-the-box.

With way too much time on my hands during my commute, I came up with some ideas.

Now, again, the idea is to put something there that is a destination, not just another strip of stores. Some of these ideas are a little out-there, but, why not?

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