A Pennsylvania teen is in hot water for asking the reigning Miss America Nina Davuluri to his prom.

According to The York Daily Record,  Miss America  was visiting Central York High School in Pennsylvania and was scheduled to talk to do a Q and A with students.

18-year old Patrick Farves decided to ask her out to the prom at the Q and A session in front of the entire school. School officials got word of his plans and warned him not to do it. He did and promptly got suspended for 3 days.

Miss America has asked the school not to suspend the teen.

Here's the official word form the school: “It is not our practice to discipline a student for asking someone – even Miss America – to a school dance. However, it is our practice to set expectations for student behavior, to communicate those expectations and rules to students and families and to ensure those rules are followed within our schools. This practice is not uncommon and happens every day, multiple times a day, in schools, businesses and homes across America.”

Do you agree with the school?

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