Those of you holding out hope that One Direction's hiatus has a definitive end point in sight might not want to wish its individual members solo success. But according to Grammy winner Meghan Trainor, member Harry Styles is bound for a lucrative career without his fellow bandmates.

“We have mutual friends — he’s signed to CAA like me and Adele,” she said in an interview with UK tabloid The Daily Star. “CAA do everything, movies, sport and are kind people, they nurture your career and he will be huge.”

Based on the songs Harry’s written for One Direction, it remains unclear whether Meghan’s assertion will ultimately ring true. But he does have a writing credit on the track “Happily,” a song off the group’s largely-disjointed third album Midnight Memories that never got its due diligence. Then again, Harry also helped pen the Phillip Phillips-reject "Something Great," so his songwriting career could go either way.

“Harry is killing it out here in the US, songwriting for Ariana Grande and myself,” Meghan continued, recalling the super schmaltzy Grande ballad "Just A Little Bit of Your Heart." “He’s really talented. I can’t wait to hear what he’s got going.”

Harry hasn’t made a formal announcement regarding an upcoming solo career, though he seems to be headed in that direction. He recently parted ways with longtime One Direction team, Modest Management, to work with CAA’s Jeffrey Azoff, according to a report from Billboard.

Will Harry soon be duking it out with former co-worker and friend Zayn Malik on the charts? Will Meghan Trainor's prediction ring true? Share your thoughts on Solo Harry in the comments below.

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