You might want to think twice before posting a selfie with your ballot on social media. Doing so is illegal in New Jersey.

Picture this scenario: after months and months of political wrangling, Election Day is finally here. You step into a voting booth and press a couple of buttons. Before you officially cast your vote, you whip-out your cell phone and take a selfie with every intention of posting that picture on social media to show the world which candidates you picked.

Not so fast.

Taking a selfie with your ballot in New Jersey is illegal -- as it is in many states.

As it is written, New Jersey law states:

No person shall within the polling room mark his ballot in a place other than in the polling booth or show his ballot, nor shall anyone request such person to show his ballot during the preparation thereof, nor shall any other person inspect such ballot during the preparation thereof or after it is prepared for voting in such a way as to reveal the contents, nor shall any person within the polling place or within a hundred feet thereof, loiter, electioneer, or solicit any voter.

The part to focus on is, "No person his ballot..."

A bill sponsored by Assemblyman Raj Mukherji was introduced last month that would allow you to share a picture of you and your ballot online, but it has not gotten anywhere, politically-speaking.


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