Win Cash

Lite Rock's At Work ATM
It really pays to listen to Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG while you work. We’re giving you three chances to win up to $5,000 with The Lite Rock At Work ATM!
5 Ways to Blow $1,000 in New Jersey
If you haven't already heard, we're giving you two chances to win $1,000 all through the month of May with the Lite Rock 2K Workday Payday. Here are some ways I would spend a grand if I had the chance to win a thousand bucks!
2K Workday Payday Winning Times to Call
We know you’ve been working hard and deserve a nice $1,000 cash bonus!  You can pay some bills, plan a summer vacation, or buy something really special just for you. Really, you can spend it any way you’d like!
Win Christmas Cash on Lite Rock
The official start of the Christmas Shopping season is almost here. The list of super deals for Black Friday and Grey Thursday have been released. Need a little extra Christmas Cash?

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