Weight Loss

It Could Be Your Hormones
Tired? Moody? Can't lose weight? It could be your hormones. They affect almost everything we do, but there are ways to regulate them. Chiropractor and Nutrition Expert Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen explains how balancing our hormones can be a life-changing step to feeling and looking better in the ep…
The Mindset Behind Weight Loss
The right mindset is the key to losing weight, according to Nicole Simonin, owner of Shape It Up With Nicole. We discuss the psychology of eating, our habits, and how to make changes.
5 Superfoods for Weight Loss
While we always think about taking foods away from our diet to reduce calories, there are actually some foods that we can add to our diet that can help in our weight loss efforts. Check out these five superfoods that will give you the best weight loss bang for the buck!

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