UV Safety Awareness Month
July is UV Safety Awareness Month. The sun's rays can damage our skin and our eyes, but we can protect ourselves from harmful UVB and UVA radiation with some simple steps.
8 Must-Have Essentials For a Great Beach Day
You are all set for a great fantastic day on the beach. You finally get there and realize you forgot your sunscreen, towel, water...fill in the blank. Here is a list of 8 essentials to help you avoid that "Oh no, I forgot..." moment.
2021 Beach Tag Guide For Atlantic and Cape May Counties
I am so looking forward to the 2021 summer season and enjoying some fun in the sun. From Atlantic City to Wildwood, South Jersey is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country.
It's also never too early to purchase your beach tags for the 2021 beach season...

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