Free Gardening Kits Available At Lowes This April
Springfest 2021 is underway at Lowes and to celebrate the return of the spring season the retail giant is offering free Garden-to-Go-projects for the family for the month of April.
According to the USA Today, the first free garden-to-go-project sold out immediately...
Gift Guide for the Tech-Savvy
Have you been trying to figure out what to give your tech-obsessed friend or family member as a gift this Holiday season? Wonder no more! I have a list of awesome gift ideas for you!
Dick's Sporting Goods Also Set to Close on Thanksgiving Day
Two of the biggest retailers have already announced their plans to keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving Day 2020.
The list of stores closing continues to grow as Dick's Sporting's Goods will close and allow their employees to enjoy the holiday with family and friends, according to CNN...

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