Wawa Data Breach Will Cost $9 Million in Cash and Gift Cards
The Wawa data breach will be a costly one for the retail convenience store giant as the company will pay out up to $9 million dollars in Wawa gift cards and cash to customers who had their data breached.
6 ABC reports that if you had any personal information exposed in the data breach which occurred …
Free Gardening Kits Available At Lowes This April
Springfest 2021 is underway at Lowes and to celebrate the return of the spring season the retail giant is offering free Garden-to-Go-projects for the family for the month of April.
According to the USA Today, the first free garden-to-go-project sold out immediately...
Gift Guide for the Tech-Savvy
Have you been trying to figure out what to give your tech-obsessed friend or family member as a gift this Holiday season? Wonder no more! I have a list of awesome gift ideas for you!

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