Healthy Eating

How to Go Out and Still Eat Healthy
You think you have this whole healthy eating thing down. You've been looking up recipes, planning out meals, and you're feeling healthier already. And then it happens. The dreaded text. "Let's go out to eat tomorrow."
Cure For Food Hangover
So you had all good intentions of maintaining your healthy eating plan at the party, but those chocolate chip cookies looked so good and that cheesecake was calling your name.   Then it was followed by, "Oh well I blew it now, so what’s the point?"  There is a better way to handle that according to Registered Dietian Keri Gans and author of The Small Change Diet.
The Benefits of Meal Planning
When we eat on the run or make last minute meals, we tend to make less than healthy choices. Meal planning is a huge part of eating healthy and will ultimately save you time, calories and even money, since less food will be wasted. Once a week, take some time plan what you and your family will be eating. If you are someone who dreads cooking dinner after working all day, prepping meals in advance
Memorial Day Eating
With fresh fruits and more time outdoors, it seems as if it would be easier to lose a few pounds in the summer...but not so fast.
Feel Better Foods
We know a healthy diet helps us keep our weight in check, but better food choices may also help improve our mood. On the flip side, a diet high in fat and sugar that lacks fiber,fruits, and veggies is a recipe for poor health, according to research on depression and diet.