Amazon Prime Video App Finally Coming to Apple TV
Amazon’s feud with Apple might have suddenly ended. The streaming service has been loath to give Apple TV access to its Prime video app, or even sell Apple products, for the past two years, but it looks like Amazon Prime is coming to an Apple TV near you, and it could be very soon.
Get Ready for Original Movies and TV Shows From Apple
Chances are, you’re currently reading these words on a phone, computer, or tablet manufactured by Apple. Maybe on your morning commute, you listen to music downloaded from the ITunes Music Store. If you are an on-the-go sort of person who’s not afraid to be made fun of, you may have an…
Teens Share Stories of How Cancer Affected them
It's hard  enough being a teenager,  let alone having to deal with your parent having cancer.  How does it feel to be  in high school and already be  facing the grim reality of a cancer diagnosis  yourself or for someone you love?  South Jersey teens are openi…
Apple updates their MacBook Pro Line
Looks like Apple updated its MacBook Pro line with new processors and graphics chips.  Good news for buyers is none of those updates were reflected in the prices.
The most notable change is the 13'' version of the MacBook Pro now comes with either a 2...