2016 Christmas Choirs

Somers Point Middle School
All ears were on the Somers Point Middle School VIP Choir as they joined Eddie Davis on the Lite Rock Morning Show to spread some holiday spirit. This chorus which is a blend of students from The Jordan Road School and the Dawes Ave School, was part of Lite Rock's Christmas Choir Spotlight on Friday!
William Davies Middle School
It's always a pleasure having our friends from the William Davies Middle School in Mays Landing into the Lite Rock studio! This choir holds a very special place in our hearts considering that they have been with us since the beginning of our Christmas Choir Series that started over a decade ago!
Charter Tech's Performance
Every choir that comes through the Lite Rock studio is special in their own way. They all have unique qualities and voices that have the ability to fill us (and our listeners) with holiday joy. The Advanced Ensemble from Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts is no different.

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