How much money do you plan to spend on Christmas gifts per child this holiday?  How about holiday bonuses for your babysitter or nanny?

According to a survey by Urban Sitter, more than 50% of parents will spend more than $100 per child for Christmas.


21% of parents will spend between $200 and $500 per child.

18% will spend less than $50 on each child, 32 percent of parents will spend between $100 and $200, and three percent of parents will spend over $500.

Nanny and babysitters are set to receive generous holiday bonuses as well.

From money to gift cards, the majority of parents will spend one week's pay on their children's full-time caregivers.

Babysitters meanwhile are set to get tipped higher than usual. Forty percent of parents said they will tip their babysitter during the holidays.

And while parties make up 70% of why parents hire babysitters during December, just 15 percent said they will book a babysitter for New Years Eve.

That might have something to do with a higher pay rate. Forty-two percent of babysitters admitted to charging 1.5 times their normal rate, with 30 percent charging double their moral rate on New Years Eve.

How much do you plan to spend per child this Christmas?  What about bonuses and Holiday tips for babysitters, nannies, etc?  Leave me your estimates in the comments section below.