Not only did fans who attended Super Bowl 54 at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium pay dearly for their ticket, a list price of over $2,500 and a secondary market price of well north of $6000, they got socked with some of the highest concession prices we've ever heard.

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Here's a list of concessions prices from this Super Bowl, according to USA Today...

- Hamburger: $16 (Last year in Atlanta, burgers were $5)

- A personal pizza: $15

- Box of popcorn: $15

- Chicken sandwich: $14

- Hot dog: $12

- Nachos: $9. Cheese with your nachos? $3 extra

- 32 oz soft drink: $15 with free refills

- Domestic beer: $14

- Imported beer: $15

- Large 19 oz beer: $18

- Cocktail: $18

-Double cocktail- $24

Source: USA Today

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