My condolences to singer Stevie Nicks on the death of her mother over the holidays.  84 year-old Barbara Nicks died from complications  of pneumonia... in her home in Arizona on December 28th.

According to the National Enquirer, Stevie spent the days before her mother's death at her bedside.

“Close friends and family also took around-the-clock shifts to make sure Stevie and Barbara were taken care of.

“They also held frequent vigils for Barbara—they wanted to make sure she passed in the most comfortable and respected way possible.”

The Fleetwood Mac star, 63, is set to remember her mom by composing an album in her honor.  A source says, "Stevie always finds something positive in the worst situations, and no one's surprised at her decision ... Stevie has been writing constantly and wants to have a tribute album out by summer"

Stevie Nicks just released  her first new album in ten years  "In Your Dreams",  in May of 2011.