Stevie Nicks confirmed that Fleetwood Mac will go on a reunion tour beginning... in April of 2013.  Nicks told ABC New Radio: "We go into rehearsals somewhere around the end of February.  So if everything goes to plan, we should probably be on the road by the end of April or May, I would think."

Nicks, who along with Lindsey Buckingham and former band mate Christine McVie are among the nominees for the 2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame, says there could possibly be some new music from the Mac's too. "Well, actually, maybe like two songs, maybe four, who knows? We don't really know yet 'cos we're not in the world of Fleetwood Mac yet. We're just still in talks about that."

Lite Rock will keep you up-to-date about any Fleetwood Mac news in the new year!  Wouldn't a springtime show at Boardwalk Hall be a treat?