No doubt about it…winter is here.  And baby, it’s cold outside.  Everyone’s asking, “Is it cold enough for you?”.  YES, it’s cold enough for me.  In fact, it’s way too cold for me.  What I wanna know is this:  Can you keep warm and still be fashionable??

Most men are not concerned about being fashionable when the temps drop.  They’ve got their Under Armor and Carhartts and wool hats, and they’re good to go.  Best of all, they look fine.  Some even look cute!  But we women don’t have it so easy.  I’m not saying I need to look like a model whenever I step outside in the cold.  No chance of that happening ever.  Hey, when I’m running around doing errands, I go for comfort and warmth.  The fashion police would probably fine me, but I don’t care.  As long as no one’s taking any pics, what does it matter?  I wanna be toasty.  I just wish I could look cute in a Carhartt and ski cap.  Men are so lucky.

When heading out to work or a night on the town (for those fortunate enough to have such nights), bundling up is a challenge.  Yes, I’m aware of layering, but too many layers can make it harder to do simple tasks, like walking.  And you need a hat, but what’s your hair gonna look like when you take off the hat?  You just never know.

It’s even harder to bundle up fashionably when you’re short like me.  Long coats are warmer, but on me they tend to look more like a bathrobe than a coat.  And that is never a good look.  And we all know Uggs are super warm, but then I’ve gotta bring other shoes for work.  And it’s hard to carry stuff when you’re wearing layer upon layer of clothing.  If it’s windy as well, it can be even more difficult, and quite exhausting.

So, can you keep warm and still be fashionable??  I suppose some women can, but it’s too much work for me.  And fashionable or not, the end result is pretty much the same.  Even if you look fabulous when you’re outside, chances are your hair and makeup won’t…when you get inside.  Just remember that.