When you cozy up to the bar and order your favorite top-shelf cocktail, how do you know that's what you are really getting?

According to the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages, you don't.

On Thursday, The state ABC announced the findings of a year-long investigation they dubbed "Operation Swill", charging 29 New Jersey restaurants and bars with replacing the top-shelf hootch with rot gut, but still charging premium prices.

Operation Swill has been a year-long effort  by state's beverage control agency, based on customer complaints and the inspection of seized beverage inventory records.

One local business, Yesterday's, a restaurant, bar and liquor store just outside Ocean City, on Marmora's Roosevelt Blvd., was one of the establishments identified in the investigation.

Wednesday, the owners of Yesterday's issued a statement denying the allegations.  "These charges are completely untrue and without merit, the McIntyre family and Yesterday's stands 100% upon their reputation, personal and professional integrity and contribution to the community over the last 37 years. Our innocence will be proven by incontrovertible evidence."