The list is out and the verdict is in.

Each year, publishes a ranking of all the New Jersey beaches. Instead of making you read through the entire list, we wanted to shrink it down a bit to provide you with the CliffsNotes version. Our version only applies to those beaches in Cape May, Atlantic, and southern Ocean Counties.

Without further ado, here are the best eight beaches in South Jersey rated lowest to highest.

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    Wildwood Crest

    Coming in our list at #8 is the southern neighbor of the more booming Wildwoods. The crest is where you go if you want to be semi-close to Wildwood's party vibe, but want to relax during the day without being surrounded by so many people. The beaches are wide and beautiful. Most importantly, people aren't right on top of eachother, so that's always a plus.

    Where did Wildwood Crest place on the overall Jersey beach list? Number 20. To make it in the top 20 is no easy feat. Great job, WC!

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    Sea Isle City

    To get to number seven, we're not trekking to far up the coast... we're still in Cape May County for this one. Sea Isle comes in at number 15 on New Jersey's complete beach list, but on ours, it's number 7. Parking is a little iffy in Sea Isle (according to, but as we know all too well, Sea Isle is such a great time. This beach is especially great if you're a family with kids 18 and older. If your kids are in college, even better.

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    Avalon's not a party beach whatsoever, but isn't that kind of the point? The beach is wide and the sand is absolutely gorgeous. It's overall score compared to all Jersey beaches? #11.

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    Ship Bottom

    Flying way up the coast into southern Ocean County, Ship Bottom actually made it into the top ten out of all the beaches in Jersey coming in at number 9, so naturally we had to shout it out on our countdown.

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    Cape May Point

    Turning right back around and heading to the southern-most point of the Jersey coast, you'll come to Cape May Point. This beach is absolutely amazing because it's off the beaten path.

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    Ocean City

    You've heard their moniker time and time again... Ocean City is proud to be known as America's Greatest Family Resort. The reason Ocean City is ranked so highly on almost every list is because you get the best of both worlds at this beach. There's something for everyone. It doesn't have the party vibe that some of the other beaches in Cape May County are known for, but it's still a great time for all.

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    Beach Haven

    The only other beach from Ocean County on our list, Beach Haven comes in at number 4 on the overall list. The restaurants in this area are truly top-notch.

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    Cape May

    Always number one. Cape May's number one on our list; number one on their list. It's just the best, point blank. No matter how you want to slice it, Cape May is just breathtaking. The shops and restaurants are great, the beach is great, a cute boardwalk of their own as well as their close proximity to Wildwood makes it a perfect spot for families who are vacationing with people of all ages.