You have the chance to win this beautiful table, hand built by three American war veterans with help from the DIY Network's Jason Cameron, in a benefit for the South Jersey-based American Warfighter Foundation.

The American Warfighter Foundation, founded by U.S. Army veteran Patrick Carney, is dedicated to helping war vets injured, physically or mentally, rehabilitate through physical therapy by playing golf.

Taking a Service Members attention off of his/her demons and placing on a "little white ball". Golf has helped countless people recover from all types of trauma and it is a game that can be played for someone's entire life. It is truly "Gaining Of Life-long Friends" which is what everyone needs when you feel the world is stacked against you.

The vets from American Warfighter Foundation teamed with TV's Cameron (Man Caves, Desperate Landscapes) and the New Jersey woodworking company Natures Fell to hand build a beautiful wooden dining room table,complete with the American flag emboldened in the center.

The table is being raffled off to support the American Warfighter Foundation, with the winning ticket to be drawn during Somers Point's Bayfest, Saturday, April 28. Tickets for the table, valued at $3500 and signed by Jason Cameron, are $25 each and are available now and until the Bayfest prize drawing. TICKET INFORMATION HERE

Watch this video of the table being made and help this worthy group of veterans by buying a ticket to win this one-of-a-kind table...