You've probably seen it on Facebook -- people doing cold water challenges. A group of South Jersey firefighters are now in trouble for doing a cold water challenge with a bunch of fire trucks.

Firefighters in Washington Township, Gloucester County, posted a video on YouTube showing two firetrucks blasting water at a firefighter.  That firefighter gets blown over by the force of the water.

The short video quickly made its rounds on Facebook and it caught the attention of fire district officials who are now disciplining at least a half dozen volunteer firefighters.

Fire District Chief John Hoffman tells the South Jersey Times a press release was sent out that condemned the actions of the firefighters and stated disciplinary actions will be taken after an investigation is done.  The press release says, in part, "...the use of the equipment was not approved and the individual firefighters involved behaved inappropriately and outside of the boundaries of department policy, procedures and standing orders."

Hoffman said no firefighters were injured in the incident. The original video was quickly taken down, however a copy has resurfaced.