Why would anyone vandalize a place that brings so much joy to those who need that joy the most? That's a question authorities would like to ask the three people wanted for painting obscenities... on a building and a vinyl fence at the South Jersey Field of Dreams. The crime took place at the Field on Sunday March 10th at 6:30pm.

The South Jersey Field of Dreams is a specially constructed baseball field designed to let physically and cognitively impaired children experience the joy of playing baseball. The Field, in Absecon's Jonathon Pitney Recreation Park, is a truly special place.  Why would people go out of their way to damage it?

Three individuals, two males and one female, were videotaped committing the crime by the newly installed monitoring system at the Field.

Please take a look at this portion of surveillance video and see if it gives you any indication of the identity of these vandals. Unfortunately, the video is grainy and does not show the faces of the suspects, but it may spark some recognition with you.  The South Jersey Field of Dreams is asking for your help in apprehending and prosecuting those involved in this crime.

The South Jersey Field of Dreams is currently registering players for the 2013 season and they have reported that all repairs will be made prior to the season opener on April 26th.

For more information call Fran Northridge at (609) 645-9797 or Barry Hackett at (609) 641-1706.