A Cherry Hill dad is using YouTube to raise awareness about a problem most parents can't even fathom. Stuart Chaifetz says his autistic, 10-year-old son was being bullied and verbally abused. But not by his peers... rather, by his teachers. Chaifetz says he began getting reports that his son, Akian, was being violent. But he says hitting teachers and throwing chairs was pretty out of character for the young boy. Akian was in a class with four other autistic children and speaks but has difficulty expressing himself.

So Chaifetz did what a lot of parents are actually doing across the country -- he planted a secret recording device on his son. Through the wire, the boy can be heard being insulted and even crying at one point.

Below is what Chaifetz posted on YouTube. It contains some of the recorded audio.

The school district responded by saying that the individuals heard screaming and speaking inappropriately to the kids, no longer work in the district. However, documents obtained by Townsquare Media show the teacher was reassigned to the high school.

In less than a week, nearly one and a half million people have watched Chaifetz's video. Across the country, there have been at least nine similar cases reported since 2003.

So what do you think?