We need your help again with the Lite Rock Christmas Caroling Nursing Home Tour, this year, perhaps, more than any other.

As we planned for the 14th annual Lite Rock Christmas Caroling Tour, we got the news that Ed Pio, who along with his wife Donna, have been a part of each of the Caroling Tours over the years, has had a medical setback and will spend the Holidays recuperating.

All indications are that Ed will be fine with the right care and lots of rest, which is the most important thing.

However, this means that Ed and Donna and their family and friends won't be involved in the Caroling Tour this year. That includes Mrs Pio's wonderful accordion playing, that has been the musical backbone of all of these caroling adventures.

So, this year, I am starting from scratch and in need of a willing group of singers.

Here's a little background on the Caroling Tour.

One of the first things I did after joining Lite Rock during the holiday season of 2004, was to organize a group of listeners and friends to visit South Jersey hospitals and sing Christmas carols!

Over the past thirteen years, with help from many Lite Rock listeners, we returned to the hospitals to sing year after year.

Last year, we switched the focus our Christmas caroling to two South Jersey nursing homes.

Being in a nursing home during the holidays seems like a very sad and lonely time and the impact of a group of smiling, happy visitors singing a few carols is obvious. It is a relatively small but powerful act. And for the completely selfish reason that it makes me really feel the spirit and joy of Christmastime; it’s a favorite time of mine each holiday.

This year’s Lite Rock Christmas Caroling Nursing Home Tour is happening on Thursday, December 21,  with a stop at Genesis Linwood Care Center, 201 New Road, Linwood at 4:00pm and The Shores at Wesley Manor, 2201 Bay Ave, Ocean City at 5:15pm.

All are welcome to join us and no special musical talent or training is necessary, but it’s great if you have some!.  To make sure we know how many listeners will be joining us, you must sign up in advance to be on Lite Rock's Christmas Caroling Nursing Home Tour.

If you are available Thursday, December 21 from 4-6pm and you are interested in joining us to sing at the nursing homes, please e-mail your information, including name, town and phone number to eddie@literock969.com