Dan Alexander,Townsquare Media NJ

“You gotta pay attention to signs.  When life reaches out with a moment like this it’s a sin if you don’t reach back…”  ~ Silver Linings Playbook

I loved that movie, and I totally believe in signs.  I have friends who see signs all the time in their own lives.  I often see signs for them too, and I tell them so when I do.

If only I could see signs in my own life.  But I just don’t see them.  Could it be that there are signs all around me, yet I keep missing them?  I’m busy running around, trying to get stuff done.  The signs might be there, but I’m just not paying attention to them.  I keep wondering if I’m missing something wonderful just because I didn’t see a sign right in front of me…

When the same thing happens over and over, that’s a sign, right?  Well, if that’s true, then I’d better start paying attention.  I may finally be getting a sign!  In the past several weeks, random people have approached me and they all say the same thing…they know me from somewhere.  The weird part is that every single time it turns out to be someone else they saw.  A woman at work swore she saw me on the side of the road the other day, waiting for help.  Nope, it wasn’t me.  But she still shoulda stopped to help, since she thought it was me.  Geez.  Then some guy told me he sees me at his gym, but I’ve never even been to that gym.  And several customers said they saw me working at the front desk, even though I’ve never ever worked there.  And last week another man was certain he knew me from somewhere, but after grilling me with a stream of questions, it was obvious he didn’t know me from anywhere, and he walked away shaking his head.

So all of these things could be a sign, yes?  If only I knew what the sign meant.  But one’s thing’s for sure.  This other chick (who everyone thinks is me) gets out way more then I do.  So, maybe it is a sign…that I really do just need to get out more.

***This video may not 100% appropriate for work, but certainly fits!