There he goes again.  Never one to sugarcoat it or afraid to speak ...from the hip, Chris Christie has had himself quite week in the national public eye.

First, his appearance Monday on the Late Show with David Letterman where he joked with Dave about his weight, even pulling out a do-nut to keep his strength up during the interview.

Today, Gov. Christie weighed in on comments made by a doctor about the condition of his health while holding a public office, telling her to "shut up".  Given a chance to choose another word, most people would gladly do so, but the Governor?  Not so sure about him.

Aside from his harsh tone at the end of his comments, I found myself agreeing with many of his points about the doctor, his health and what the doctor does and doesn't know about it. I would be interested to see what you think.

First, here's a quick re-telling of today's events according to the Associated Press.

Gov. Chris Christie lashed out Wednesday at a former White House doctor who said she worries about him dying in office because he is so heavy, telling her to "shut up."

Dr. Connie Mariano, who served as White House physician from 1992 to 2001, told CNN she'd like to see Christie run for president in 2016 but he needs to lose weight. She said she worries he could have a heart attack or a stroke.

"I'm worried about this man dying in office," the doctor, who has a practice in Scottsdale, Ariz., told the network.

During a visit Wednesday to a shore town devastated by Superstorm Sandy, Christie was asked about the doctor's comments.

Unless Mariano gives him a physical exam and learns his family history, "she should shut up," the Republican governor said.

Watch this attached video of today's press conference and then take the poll below. Tell me if Gov. Christie was on-target with his comments or over-the-line.