One of the proposals getting the most attention in the overhaul plan for Atlantic City is the return of the legendary Diving Horse attraction at Steel Pier , on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.   The idea was announced  Wednesday, when  the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority approved a six million dollar the first phase of the Steel Pier improvement project.  The renovation of the famous pier  was recommended as part of Tourism District Master Plan.

The Diving horse was undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Atlantic City for fifty years,  since its introduction in 1928.  The diving horse act was brought back briefly to the re-built Steel Pier in 1993.  People old enough to remember still speak of it fondly and reminisce about the horses and the divers.

The Diving horse even inspired a movie. Sisters Sonora Webster Carver and Arnette Webster French were among the first diving horse riders. In August 1931, Sonora Webster Carver was blinded in a diving accident when the horse landed badly. She continued to dive, though. Her story was depicted in the 1991 Walt Disney movie, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.

My question to you? Is the diving horse act still viable entertainment in 2012?  Or has the thinking on animal abuse and animal rights changed enough over the generations that such a stunt is no longer considered appropriate or humane?

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