Should Atlantic City's only non-smoking casino change that policy?

Is a completely non-smoking policy a benefit to the city's newest casino or one of the things holding Revel back from performing up to expectations? Those are questions now being considered by executives with Revel Casino, according to published reports.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Revel has privately told its investors it will consider changing the non-smoking policy as a condition for lining up its latest influx of borrowed money- a $150 million in new financing money.

All of Atlantic City's other casinos permit smoking in 25% of the gaming areas, as allowed by city law.  The city's casinos are among the last holdouts to still allow smoking, resisting the changing attitude toward smoking nationally.  The casinos insist that gamblers want to smoke and smokers want to gamble.

What would you do if you were in charge at Revel Casino? Would allowing smoking be a game-changer for lackluster business at Revel?  Would it make you more or less likely to gamble at Revel?

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