Police, press accounts  and social media are buzzing about what sounds like a domestic shooting indecent tonight on N Burghley Ave. in Ventnor Heights. 

After 7pm Monday, Scan Atlantic City reported...

.. Barricaded Subject: N Burghley Ave. Domestic violence, shots fired inside house as Police arrived. Perimeter set up

The Press of Atlantic City is also reporting on the incident...

Multiple police departments responded to a building in Ventnor on Monday night and gunshots were heard, residents said.

Police had blocked off several blocks south of Dorset Avenue in Ventnor Heights. There was no immediate information from police, and officers controlling the perimeter had no comment.

At about 7:45 p.m., several gunshots were heard, followed by a larger burst, residents said. There was no word on injuries. Ventnor police and fire personnel, as well as Atlantic City and Pleasantville police, responded.