Here's a sad story about a great dog who was treated badly from birth. Rosco came to the Humane Society of Ocean City unwanted... and unloved, thin and near death.  Through love and attention at the Humane Society's shelter, Rosco gained weight and confidence and knew love for the first time.

Now, because Roscoe was kept locked in a cage for most of his first  6 months as a puppy, he has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, hip dysplasia, a rear leg lameness, often found in older large breeds of dog.

There is an operation that would save Roscoe and allow him to have a normal, happy life; but it is very specialized and very expensive. The Humane Society, which now offers many veterinary services, is not equipped for an operation of this type,  A surgical animal hospital is required for the complicated procedure that could save Roscoe.

A group of staffers from the Humane Society of Ocean City, who have grown to love Roscoe, have managed to collect some of the money necessary for this operation, but more money is needed.

Will you help Save Roscoe?  Your donation of a few dollars will help the cause and give Roscoe a chance at a good, long life.  Read the information below from the Humane Society of Ocean City's "Save Roscoe" appeal to find out how you can help the effort.  Many people are giving a simple, tax deductible donation of $25 or $50.

Thanks for your help!  Eddie

Rosco a 11 month-old male Mastiff mix puppy, came to Humane Society of Ocean City shelter in November 2012.  He was thin and emaciated and lived in tough conditions being confined with little human interaction.  He was rescued and placed in a temporary foster home before being turned over to the HSOC.  With the help of the staff and volunteers he has blossomed into a charming young dog who will make someone an awesome friend. Unfortunately Rosco has been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and requires an expensive life saving operation.  Presently, we have collected $2,500.00 and need an additional $9,500.00 to pay for his operation that can't be done here at the HSOC.

We are taking donations through our Pay Pal account or you can send it directly to HSOC P.O. Box 1254, Ocean City NJ 08226.  Please make all donations in care of the HSOC "Bud Fund: the shelter's fund for pets with special needs.

To find out more about how you can help Rosco, contact the Humane Society of Ocean City at 609-398-950

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