You've probably heard about solar energy before, but have you actually ever considered the benefits that come along with switching to it? Up until recently, I didn't either. But then I did my research and discovered all the wonderful things that solar has to offer.

Lowering your monthly electricity bill, increasing the value of your home, and relying on clean, renewable energy were just a few of the many advantages I learned about when researching solar, and I was instantly sold on it.

After doing my research, I decided to reach out to RCL Solar, a family-owned and operated solar company in South Jersey that has a solid reputation among the community and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

From explaining the benefits of leasing, financing or buying and handling the permitting paperwork to making sure our roof was ready for solar panels, RCL Solar has helped take the uncertainty of my solar experience entirely. They are guiding me through the entire process, and I am fully confident that RCL Solar was the right company to do the job.

I'm looking forward to saving money on my electric bill for years to come and I know you'll feel the same way when you choose the RCL team for your solar needs by giving them a call today at 856-339-4014 or visiting them online at