There is a trending hashtag on Twitter #PutYourPhoneDownAnd. I decided to take this trend and make a South Jersey edition of this hashtag.

Here are 10 #PutYourPhoneDownAnd things to do in South Jersey.

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Eat a Pork Roll Egg and Cheese

    If you don't need both hands for a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich you're doing it wrong. So put down that phone and have the official sandwich of South Jersey.

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Pick Some Berries

    It's summer time and it's harvest time for the summertime fruits and veggies. Put your phone down and check out a u-pick farm to pick your own fruits and veggies.

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Play a Round of Mini Golf

    C'mon we live by so many boardwalks which have a ton of mini golf courses. I can't imagine you'd be very good at mini golf with your face in your phone.

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Dive On In

    Whether your preferred body of water is a lake, a pool, or the ocean make a splash this summer. You don't want to risk getting your phone wet or losing it in the water do you?

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Scream Your Head Off

    Between the boardwalks, Storybookland, and Fantasy Island, there are plenty of rides to scream your head off on this summer.

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Touch a Shark

    The Adventure Aquarium and Atlantic City Aquarium both have touch tanks where you can pet a shark, stingray, urchin, or other cool sea life.

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Play Some Skee Ball

    Hit the arcade to win a prize in a crane, play some skee ball, and rake in those tickets. These games take serious concentration so that phone has got to stay away if you want to win anything.

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Sip Some Wine

    There are so many amazing wineries in South Jersey. Can you truly enjoy and relax while sipping a glass of Merlot if your eyes are bug-eyed staring at your phone?

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Get Lost

    Go take a hike! No really go for a hike! Enjoy nature and enjoy the beauty of South Jersey without all of the headaches of our technology filled world.

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    #PutYourPhoneDownAnd Catch a Show

    On both sides of South Jersey there are a ton of theaters that are always putting on shows. You have such a wide variety of comedy shows, musicals, operas, ballets, children's theater, and plays to check out here in South Jersey.