A press conference was held Thursday, Aug. 4 to unveil details for Ocean City’s eighth Annual Walk for the Wounded, Saturday, September 24 on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Ocean City Home Bank and Operation First Response present the Walk for the Wounded, a three-mile walk to draw attention to the plight of returning soldiers and their families, while raising funds to help meet the critical needs of theses families.

Since 2009, the Walk for the Wounded is close to raising $500,000 to help these returning soldiers with recover from severe wounds, life changing amputations, and painful surgeries – often followed by mounting bills at home, necessary job retraining, home renovations and more.

During Thursday's press conference, held at Veterans Memorial Park in Ocean City, opening remarks were made by Ocean City Home Bank President and CEO Steve Brady, St. Joseph’s University Basketball Coach Phil Martelli, Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian and U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Brian Siegman.

Staff Sergeant Siegman served in the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion and the 2nd Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company, completing two tours of duty in Iraq. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2010, he served as a police officer for three and a half years. Staff Sergeant Siegman continues to fight Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, six years after leaving the service.

Walkers in the Walk for the Wounded can register as individuals. You can also invite family, friends, co-workers or businesses to be on a team with you. People and businesses are welcome to go to the website and sponsor teams and/or individuals.

See more details and register to participate in this year’s Walk for the Wounded on the Ocean City Boardwalk.