Get your powerball tickets now! The Powerball jackpot has hit a half-a-billion dollars.

The $500 million jackpot is the largest in Powerball history, but, before shelling out $2 for a ticket, here are some things to think about:

The jackpot has already rolled over 16 consecutive times without a winner.

The cash value is only $327 Million.. ( Not too shabby)

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot: 1 in 175 million.  (Forget the odds)

Gambling experts say a majority of Americans will play some lottery game at least once in a given year.  ( I play Cash 5 and Pick 6 regularly)

They're expecting $214 million in sales for Wednesday's drawing (up from $140 million from Saturday's drawing)

.There has been no Powerball winner since Oct. 6, it's the second highest jackpot in lottery history, behind only the $656 million Mega Millions prize in March.

You can't win if you do not play and winning $500 million just in time for Christmas shopping would be fantastic! Good luck!!