Have you started shopping for the holidays yet? Most stores already have their Christmas displays up. According to a new survey, you are not alone, if you've already started your Christmas shopping.

According to a new survey from think with google.com  here area few shopping trends to look out for during this holiday season.

1. More shoppers are not waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 48% of people have already started their Christmas Shopping.

2. Over 78 % polled are now researching their gift ideas online. More than 40% of holiday shopping is now done exclusively online.

3. The big money items for Christmas 2015 will include smartphones and tablets. More than 50% used smartphones or tablets to shop.

4. More than 50% of  shoppers are open to trying new brands and new stores.

5. Over 80% of holiday shoppers will likely check out You Tube for reviews and ratings.

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