Every Thursday at 7:15am on the Lite Rock Morning Show, I introduce you to the Lite Rock Pet of the Week.  The Humane Society of Ocean City brings in a dog or cat available for adoption and we give you a little information about the animal.


This week we met Josh and Trooper, two best friends who must be adopted together. Their owner was forced to surrender these two long-time-buddies due to a housing situation. In an attempt to keep them together, The Humane Society of Ocean City is willing to charge only one adoption fee for both dogs.

Josh is a a 9-year-old Whippet/Fox Terrier mix who likes to cuddle.

Trooper is a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix who would work best in a home with no young children.

Won't you please consider adopting both these friends and enjoying the company of two dogs who really love each other in your home?

To find out more or to make arrangements to meet Josh and trooper,  contact the Humane Society of Ocean City at 609-399-2018.

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