Every Thursday at 7:15am on the Lite Rock Morning Show, I introduce you to the Lite Rock Pet of the Week.  The Humane Society of Ocean City brings in a dog or cat available for adoption... and we give you a little information about the animal.  This week, we met Pee-Wee, a three-year-old calico cat.

Pee-Wee was found stray in Ocean City after Hurricane Sandy. Although she seems like she has been well cared for, no one has claimed her so Pee-Wee needs a new place to cuddle up and be friendly. Sorry for the bad photograph; Pee-Wee is very cute, but a little camera shy.

To find out more or to make arrangements to meet Pee-Wee,  contact the Humane Society of Ocean City at 609-399-2018

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