We know Ocean City, New Jersey and most of us realize there's also an Ocean City in Maryland, but did you know there are 2 other towns in the United States with the same name? Neither did we!

In order to know our same name cities, we checked them out and found some fun things to do in each one. We may be biased, but we love OCNJ the most!

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    We have the beach, the boardwalk, the rides, and the stores to explore. We have parasailing, paragliding, speedboat tours, pontoon and jet ski rentals, and oh so much more. Ocean City, New Jersey is a place for families to make memories. Plus, having it so close to home means day trips in the summer are a blast.

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    Much less of a tourist attraction, you won't find a boardwalk here. However, if you're interested in trying your hand at clamming, look no further. Stores all around this town sell permits and Copalis Beach is the best place to go! Not interested? Ocean City Market Place is a cool place to check out incredible chainsaw art from locals in the area. With art for purchase, small shops, and good food, it's a place for the family to see.

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    It's starting to look a lot less like a beach town and more like your residential neighborhood. That's okay though because there is a "beach" somewhere here. At Granier's Beach Park, there's a 240ft beach on Choctawhatchee Bay. They have a swimming area, playgrounds, and picnic tables for the perfect day out. You can also visit Treasure Chest Water Park not too far from town. This is NOT your average water park! located on a sand bar, the blow up obstacle course is IN the water on Crab Island. They also provide paddle boards for rentals!


    This one is a little further than the others. Although they claim not to be a tourist's first stop for a vacation in Barbados, we think we would still visit if given the chance. With 2 beaches fairly close, you have your choice of Foul Bay or Crane Bay. You're in Barbados, so does it really matter that there isn't a boardwalk? We don't think so!