Congratulations to Kelly Cunningham, the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month for December.

Mrs. Cunningham, an English teacher at Ocean City High School, was nominated by her student, Chanon Styer.

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We had a fun time Tuesday visiting with Mrs. Cunningham's Advanced English 10 class at Ocean City High!

Thanks to our sponsors for Lite Rock Teacher of the Month; Capri Pizza in Northfield and B.F. Mazzeo in Northfield.

Mrs.Cunningham wins a six-month membership to Island Gym in Northfield and Ventnor.

For submitting the nomination, Chanon Styer is now qualified for a $2000 scholarship from Lite Rock.


Do you know of an excellent South Jersey teacher we should consider as the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month?

A Teacher of the Month nomination need only be about 100 words and is a great way of recognizing excellence for a teacher who is making a real difference in your child’s life.

Listen to highlights from Eddie's visit to Ocean City High School, below...