Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images[/caption]I was going to write about Rob Thomas' scheduled show at Borgata's Event Center before the show last Sunday, but I decided it might be better to wait until after the show.  I figured that since he had postponed several shows in July due to his wife Marisol needing a medical procedure, I was afraid he might postpone his show in AC too.  But fortunately the show did go on, and (as usual) Rob put on a great show.

I've seen Rob Thomas several times, both solo and with Matchbox Twenty, and one thing's for sure...he never disappoints.  His voice always sounds great, and you can tell he loves performing.  He is a songwriter with lots of stories to tell.  Some are very personal and others are funny, but he's willing to share his life with his fans, and they truly love him for that.  And he is one dedicated guy.  He's dedicated to his fans as well as Marisol.  Plus he's dedicated to Sidewalk Angels, a non-profit organization he and Marisol started to help people in need by partnering with various charities to assist those who cannot afford medical care, and to help abandoned or abused animals as well.

RT is just an all-around nice guy.  :)