New Jersey drivers with the check-engine light illuminated, should be more concerned that other drivers across the country.

That’s because we will pay more for car repairs than those in most other states.

Car repair bills for check-engine related problems in New Jersey were the 10th most expensive in the nation last year, according to a CarMD survey.

“I’m seeing that folks in New Jersey are very likely putting off repairs, putting that black tape over the check engine light” said Kristin Brocoff, a CarMD spokesperson.

The average cost of check-engine related repairs for most states around the nation, was $333.93 in 2011, down 6 percent from the previous year.

“New Jersey is on the upper-end of that average…drivers will pay less for parts but much more for labor, which is completely opposite of what we’ve been seeing in other states” Brocoff added.

She said the data illustrates the need for drivers to make preventative maintenance a top priority.

“Its very important for drivers in New Jersey to be paying attention to warning signs and fixing things before they snowball into expensive repairs.”

Oxygen sensors were the costliest repairs, averaging $249.00, according to the study.