The International Diabetes Federation came out with a report this week that predicts that one in 10 adults will have diabetes by 2030.

The report includes both types of diabetes but does not include the impact of the rising number of obese people.

“There are things everyone can do now to try and prevent diabetes…just cutting out a few things at a time, stop drinking soda… forget all the fruit drinks that have all the sugars in them, drink a flavored water or something like that…if you could rearrange your plate…where only a quarter of your plate is filled with some kind of a starch or carbohydrate and half of that plate is filled with vegetables and the other quarter with a piece of meat,” says Roberta Schmidt, Executive Director of the Diabetes Foundations in New Jersey.

Schmidt says there are over 750,000 people in New Jersey with diabetes. Schmidt says the Garden State ranks near the top of the list of states with a high number of diabetes cases.

“It is scary because people do not seem to understand what’s happening…it not only has to do with the food…not getting out and walking is also part of the problem,” says Schmidt.

The World Health Organization says there are 346 million people worldwide with diabetes with more than 80 percent of deaths occurring in developing countries.