Gilda's Club's South Jersey unveiled their brand new public service advertising campaign at a red carpet gala Tuesday evening at the Gilda's Club clubhouse in Linwood.  Gilda's Club South Jersey is one of my favorite local charity organizations and about a year ago they asked me to join their board of directors.  Ever since then, I have... been part of a committee  responsible for creating an ad campaign for the organization.

Gilda's Club South Jersey offers emotional support at no charge to people with cancer and their  family, friends and loved ones.  This service is much-needed, and I have witnessed the results of the good work  of Gilda's Club in so many of their members.  The people who work and volunteer at Gilda's Club South Jersey are completely dedicated and truly caring and we're lucky to have such a fine organization here in South Jersey.

The thing is,  research shows  that not enough people are familiar with Gilda's Club South Jersey or know exactly what it is they do.  This ad campaign is intended to change that.  Hopefully, you'll be seeing and hearing these ads on TV, radio, newspaper, internet and billboard in the days and months ahead.

I have included the 60 second TV commercial for Gilda's Club South Jersey, featuring 13 actual club members who volunteered to be the faces and voices of the Gilda's message.  They aren't professionals, but they sure did a professional job!  Check it out and let me know what you think below.

Remember Gilda's Club South Jersey if you ever find yourself or a friend in a situation where they can help you.