Not so fast, mister!  You are not leaving me with this whole mess!

You wonder what thoughts were going through the mind of the wife who grabbed ahold of her suicidal husband's boxer shorts as he tried to leap out the window to his  death - then held on to him for 20 minutes until help arrived to save his life!

The U.K. Daily Mail covered this situation that happened recently in northern China, where a man, despondent over the lack of work, decided to end it all.

His loving wife had other ideas.  It is truly amazing that this woman was able to grab her husband by the short pair, almost literally.  But then she had the strength and determination to hold on to him for 20 minutes!  That's a remarkable woman and her troubled husband would be wise to realize it.

And how 'bout the strength of the waistband in the boxer shorts!  Those are some top-notch boxers.