A growing number of women in New Jersey are taking pistol and rifle classes, and they're requesting female instructors instead of men.

(George Frey, Getty Images News)

Dawn Wilson, the lead instructor at SHOOT NJ in Middletown has seen the number of female students increase steadily over the past six years, and she now teaches an all-female class.

"The women feel a little bit more comfortable when they come to me to shoot, because it's more personable, more one-on-one, they don't get any of that anxiety if they have a man teaching them," Wilson said.

She pointed out that many females feel intimidated by male instructors.

"A lot of times I'll tell them, look, I'm going to touch your hand to move your grip or touch the small of your back," she said. "Sometimes women don't want men touching them, so it's a little easier when you have a woman instructor who can do that for you and make you more comfortable when you're shooting."

She added females seem to be becoming interested in shooting classes for a couple of reasons.

"More women are taking classes for home protection reasons, and also to get more and more into competition," Wilson said.

Wilson also said women tend to be better shots than men because they listen and take instruction better.

"I absolutely love teaching and I love seeing the smiles on my student's faces," she said. "It's a great feeling knowing that they have this power behind them and they're not afraid now."